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10 Best Neighborhoods in Denver for Young Professionals in 2024

Denver’s been a real hit lately, snagging a spot in the top two of America’s best cities. It’s booming so fast, that everyone wants a piece of it.

My wife and I have lived here for quite a long time, and we notice a lot of younger people coming to this place. When we were younger, the top spots in the US were well-known – New York, LA, San Francisco, while Miami was keeping up.

But things started to change in recent years. And we get it, those famous spots are now overcrowded, but the main reason is the fact more and more people are working remotely, or at least in a sort of hybrid model.

Companies don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to get noticed since everything is done online. It’s not the case only for Denver, we see other cities also getting on the top spot for new generations, such as Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

So, for all of you interested in moving to Denver, you got to the right place. My wife and I are sharing guides and insights into various attractions in the city and around it.

Today, we will cover the best neighborhoods. I hope it will help you make the right decision, or even become my new neighbor.

And before we continue, I made a guide for people who want to check if this city is right for them, and considering moving to Denver. You can see a full daily guide here.

Let’s get started.

10. Highlands

Highlands Denver

Highlands is buzzing with a fresh energy these days, making it a top pick in Denver.  Right on the edge of downtown Denver, Highlands is a blend of chic condos that scream city life. And if you’re hunting for that old-school charm with a touch of suburbia, just head west. You’ll find some real gems of homes ready to welcome you.

9. Capitol Hill

capitol hill Best Neighborhoods in Denver for Young Professionals

Capitol Hill is just a stone’s throw south of downtown Denver and it’s buzzing with creativity. It’s a hotspot for anyone who loves the arts, packed with galleries and museums, and even has the Colorado State Capitol building.

But Capitol Hill isn’t just about culture. It’s also home to stylish apartments nestled among stunning views, plus plenty of cool places to eat and chill outside. Sure, the rent’s not cheap, but for young pros wanting to live somewhere lively, it’s spot on.

8. Five Points

five points Best Neighborhoods in Denver for Young Professionals

As one of Denver’s original suburbs, it has always played a key role in the community. Today, it’s known for its affordable living, convenient public transport, and a lively scene of breweries.

For those who love the buzz of city life, Larimer Street is the place to be. It’s lined with new apartments, historic buildings, cool tattoo parlors, art galleries, and hotspots like Our Mutual Friend Brewing and Crema Coffee. It’s urban living at its best.

If you’re drawn to a more traditional vibe, the southern part of Five Points has exactly what you need. Picture tree-lined streets and charming, older homes that give off a “Harlem of the West” feel. It’s a neighborhood with character and history at every corner.

7. Washington Park

washington park Best Neighborhoods in Denver for Young Professionals

Denver’s parks are a real treasure, and it’s no surprise it’s ranked among the top 20 U.S. cities for park systems. Washington Park is a gem in the city, a go-to spot for many.

Come summer, Washington Park is the place to be, with young pros sipping cool drinks and spiking volleyballs. The neighborhood’s got charm, with classic homes that have a story to tell. Living here might stretch your wallet, but for young pros seeking a lively hood, it’s worth every penny.

6. River North Art District – RiNo


It’s got that “hipster” label, all thanks to its funky coffee joints, unique boutiques, hip eateries, and cool lofts and bars that used to be warehouses, like Finn’s Manor a part cocktail bar, part food truck park!

What makes RiNo shine, though, is its passion for art. The neighborhood’s alive with color, especially with those eye-catching street murals that really show off what it’s all about.

And for food lovers, RiNo’s heaven, with all sorts of amazing restaurants to explore. It’s a place where art meets life, making it one of Denver’s coolest spots to hang out.

5. Glendale

Glendale’s got its own buzz, almost like a mini-city wrapped inside Denver. It’s like an urban oasis—not officially Denver, but it’s got all the vibes.

It’s in a sweet spot, making it the neighborhood everyone’s talking about. You’ve got parks, shops, and all sorts of food spots. And it’s super handy to get around—a short drive and you’re downtown or hitting up the Denver Tech Center.

For young pros, it’s the ideal mix of city perks without the downtown rush.

4. University


This neighborhood comes with many perks, one of the major ones is that it is within walking distance of the University of Denver campus. Housing is more affordable in this part of the city, and the vibes of the area are both vibrant and relaxing at the same time.

Transportation throughout the city is super easy from here, thanks to the neighborhood’s proximity to Light Rail station. It is also a very walkable area, so much so that you might not even need a car. It is an attractive location for young professionals and students alike, thanks to the many perks this area offers.

Trust me, I save a lot by using public transport instead of my car all the time.

3. Lower Downtown – LoDo

LoDo, Denver’s historic heart, is a charmer. It’s a treasure trove of shops, art spots, bars, and some top-tier restaurants.

And I am sure you will love the fact that it’s all fitted in a small area, so you can check out all of it on foot.

Union Station’s got you covered with public transport. LoDo’s a breeze to live in, especially if you’re just starting.

Plus, it’s sports central – you can root for the Nuggets, Avalanche, or Mammoth. Or, if music’s more your jam, Ball Arena’s always got a concert going.

Now I will sound like some real estate agent, but another important detail is that the rent here is nearly three times lower when compared to New York.

2. Sloan’s Lake

sloans lake

Sloan’s Lake is a hit for its commute-friendly rep, making it a top spot for the young and ambitious. The housing scene is diverse, with shiny new pads and classic duplexes.

For the football fanatics, living here is a dream – you can stroll to Empower Field at Mile High for Broncos games. If you’re a young pro with a sports streak, this neighborhood’s a score for setting up your home base.

And who knows, we might meet at some Broncos game.

1. Lower Highland – LoHi


LoHi, a newcomer to Denver’s neighborhood scene, is winning hearts with its easy downtown access. It’s quickly become known as a hipster hotspot, filled with trendy shops and amazing eateries.

What really sets LoHi apart is its bike-friendly streets, leading straight to the Cherry Creek Trail. It’s the ideal spot for a relaxed yet active lifestyle, which is why it’s becoming a favorite among young professionals seeking a dynamic but serene place to settle down.

If you’re planning on staying in Cherry Creek in a hotel, luckily for you there are 4 very respected hotels we visited and reviewed, so you can choose the one you like the most!

Final Words

Whatever your passion, Denver has a spot for you.

With its reasonable housing prices and diverse apartments, it’s an inviting city for newcomers.

You should also stay updated with our blog since we are sharing stories and experiences that will help you get the most out of this city.

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