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How to Entertain Kids in Denver Without Losing Your Mind

We all agree that keeping kids entertained can be tough, especially when boredom hits. Seriously, that’s some tough love right there.  But if you’re in Denver or planning to visit, you’re in luck. The city is full of fun and exciting activities that will keep your kids happy and give you some peace of mind.

Have fun at Denver museums

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

This museum is a hit with kids. They’ll love the interactive exhibits like the Mysteries of the Ice Ages. The Infinity Theater and Planetarium offer 2D and 3D family-friendly experiences. Shows like “Discover Antarctica” and “Secrets of the Sea in 3D” are both educational and entertaining.

Children can touch fossils, participate in hands-on science experiments, and even meet real scientists. The museum also has special programs and workshops tailored specifically for children.

Children’s Museum of Denver

This place is a kid’s dream come true. There are water, kinetic, bubble, and energy exhibits that kids can interact with. They can pretend to be a vet at the Ready Vet Go exhibit, get creative in the Art Studio, cook up something fun in the Teaching Kitchen, or play in Joy Park.

The museum has something for kids of all ages.  With regularly changing exhibits and seasonal activities, there’s always something new to explore. The museum also hosts special family nights and themed events that make each visit unique.

Denver Firefighters Museum

Things to do with kids Denver

Children fascinated by fire trucks and firefighters will love this museum. They can learn about fire safety, listen to storytime, and do crafts. The museum has antique fire engines, a pretend fire truck they can drive, and activities that teach them how to make an emergency plan. Interactive displays let kids try on firefighter gear and practice using fire hoses.

Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum

For kids interested in planes and space, this museum is a must-visit. There are flight simulators, air racing films, and exhibits featuring iconic aircraft like the “Huey” helicopter. They can try the full-motion MaxFlight simulator and watch films in the Harrison Ford Theater.

With events like space camps and special guest lectures, there’s always something exciting happening.

Some natural and aquatic activities

Kid-friendly activities Denver

1. Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is always a hit. Located in City Park, it’s such a treat because the animals have huge areas that mimic their natural habitats. The zoo does such a great job making them feel at home. Plus the park has so much space to burn off energy before or after. I know the little ones love watching the feedings and learning more about the animals.

They also have some exhibits where kids can get hands-on, which always makes it more memorable. And can we talk about Zoo Lights during Christmas? It’s like a winter wonderland for children of all ages. So festive and magical! I just love that the zoo is all about teaching conservation too. Also, Denver Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Colorado.

2. Downtown Aquarium

Have you been to that aquarium downtown yet? The kiddos would seriously love it. They have so many different tanks with all kinds of colorful fish. And can you imagine your kid’s face at the mermaid show? Magical! The touch tanks are perfect for little hands too. What kid doesn’t want to feel a sea urchin, right? So cool to get up close.

They even do behind the scenes tours sometimes. How neat would it be for the kids to learn how they care for all the animals? Total National Geographic vibes. And eating at the restaurant, surrounded by those massive tanks? Talk about an experience your kids will remember forever!

3. Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park

Fun with kids in Denver

This park offers rides and attractions for all agesKiddieLand is perfect for younger kids, while older kids can enjoy family rides, a splash pad, a wave pool, and a holiday lights show. It’s a great way to spend a fun-filled day. Seasonal events like Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park add extra thrills.

With a variety of food options and picnic areas, families can easily spend the whole day enjoying the rides and attractions. The park also offers season passes, making it an affordable option for frequent visits.

4. Water World

Water World is a blast for children who love water. With water slides, a jungle gym, lazy rivers, and whitewater rides, there’s something for everyone. Highlights include Calypso Cove and the Lost River of the Pharaohs.

Kids can float along in inner tubes or brave the thrilling water slides. The park also has family-friendly areas with gentler rides for younger children.

For those looking for unique activities…

Hammond’s Candy Factory Tour

This one is a sweet treat. The 30-minute tour shows how candy is made and includes complimentary samples. Kids will love seeing the candy-making process up close. Watching the candy makers pull, twist, and shape the candy is fascinating. At the end of the tour, families can shop for their favorite treats in the factory store.

Little Man Ice Cream

Little Man Ice Cream is a great spot for a tasty treat. They offer homemade ice cream, including vegan and gluten-free options. The giant milk can building makes for a fun photo opportunity, and the ice cream is delicious.

The shop often hosts live music and movie nights, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. Seasonal flavors and special events ensure there’s always something new to try.

1915 Tiny Town

1915 Tiny Town is a charming spot with steam engine train rides and tiny buildings for kids to explore. It’s a delightful step back in time. The miniature buildings and landscapes capture kids’ imaginations for sure. The park also hosts special events like holiday train rides and seasonal festivals.

Kids Wonder

Entertaining kids in Denver

Kids Wonder is perfect for little ones aged six months to six years. It provides a safe space for intentional play, helping young children develop through fun activities. The play areas are designed to stimulate young minds and encourage physical activity.  With themed play zones and educational toys, kids can learn and grow while having fun.

In summary

Entertaining kids in Denver doesn’t have to be a headache. With its wide range of attractions and activities, the city offers countless ways to keep kids engaged and happy. So, whether you live in Denver or are just visiting, you can find plenty of ways to keep your kids entertained and smiling.

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