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9 Best Breweries in Denver in 2024 – A Taste of Excellence

Denver, the Mile High City, is a dream spot for anyone who loves craft beer. Home to more than 70 breweries, the beer scene here is top-notch.

Well, more for me than for my wife, but we are in this together. So, I decided that our next story would be about the best beer spots in and around Denver.

My wife was more like a companion on this exploration, while I read more about different companies, their history, and the best beer they have to offer.

I’ve found nine of the best breweries. Here is the full story.

But before that, I also made a guide for those who are visiting Denver for the first time. The interesting part is that I combined popular attractions and these breweries so that you can fit them all into a few-day visit. You can get a full guide here.

9. Great Divide Brewing Co.

Great Divide Brewing Co.

Great Divide Brewing Co. has come a long way since ’94, starting as a solo venture and growing into a standout in the U.S. beer scene. They’re all about “Bold Character,” and it shows in their beer selection.

Take the “Yeti Imperial Stout” – quite a unique combination of chocolate and coffee flavors.

Then there’s the “Titan IPA,” a hoppy kick that’s sure to lift you up.

I’ve hung out at their Ballpark neighborhood taproom, a super chill place to grab a beer right where it’s made.

Over in RiNo, their Barrel Bar is just as cool, offering a peek at how they make their magic.

The best part? Sampling a variety of their brews. All in all. We had a great time.

8. Denver Beer Co.

Denver Beer Co.

Denver Beer Co. is a real favorite around here, known for its handcrafted, standout beers. It’s got that friendly beer garden feel, where everyone’s welcome and it’s all about good times together. They’ve got everything from bold new brews to classic favorites.

It’s a community hub, with all sorts of fun events pairing food and beer. And their outdoor space is perfect for soaking up some sun with a “Graham Cracker Porter” or an “Incredible Pedal IPA” in hand.

When we swung by, the “Graham Cracker Porter” was the first option for both. The “Incredible Pedal IPA” didn’t disappoint either, with a fresh, hoppy flavor that hits the spot.

The whole vibe there, with folks coming together, made our visit unforgettable. I think my wife started to love beer much more after checking this place.(She was always more for a glass of good wine)

7. Wynkoop Brewing Co.


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Wynkoop Brewing Co. is a trailblazer in Denver’s craft beer story, kicking things off back in ’88. Founded by a group that includes John Hickenlooper, it’s known for bold choices like the famous Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, which really shows off their adventurous side.

Tucked away in LoDo (one of the best neighborhoods for young minds to get together), the brewpub’s got an old-school vibe that takes you back in time. It’s got a full menu, pool tables, and plenty of room upstairs, making it a great spot for beer lovers and social butterflies alike. My wife and I loved how it mixed Denver’s history with a modern beer scene, adding a special touch to our brewery tour.

6. Cerebral Brewing

Cerebral Brewing

Cerebral Brewing has made a name for itself since 2013, mixing art with science to create some standout beers. They’re really good at IPAs, playing with fermentation, and aging beer in barrels, which gave us gems like “Rare Trait” and “Work from Home.”

My wife and I checked out their taproom in East Colfax, and it was like a dream for beer and science lovers. The place is decked out with a huge chalkboard showing beer’s chemical makeup, which was super cool for us nerds.

They’ve always got something new to try, which keeps things fresh and exciting. It’s clear they love what they do, and it makes each beer a little adventure in taste and science.

5. Epic Brewing Company

Epic Brewing Company

Epic Brewing Company, hailing from Salt Lake City, has really made waves in Denver with its bold and unique beers. Their “Big Bad Baptist” stout is a deep, flavorful ride, and the “Tart ‘n Juicy” sour IPA is a creative twist that’s got everyone talking.

Hanging out at their RiNo taproom, my wife and I were struck by the cool, modern vibe that’s all about celebrating brewing. The place is airy and open, just the right kind of spot to kick back and really get into each beer’s flavor.

They even do tours, which we jumped on, and it was super insightful. Getting to know their brewing process and philosophy just made the whole experience richer.

Epic Brewing was a highlight of our Denver beer adventure!

4. Ratio Beerworks

Ratio Beerworks

Ratio Beerworks really hits the high notes in Denver’s brewery lineup, mixing a love for beer with a rock ‘n’ roll soul. Born from a group of punk rockers turned brewers, their creativity shines through in beers like “Domestica,” a sharp American ale, and “Dear You,” a zesty French saison.

Their taproom is a place that’s alive with music and community vibes, where live bands play and people gather to celebrate.

It felt like we were part of something special, right in the rhythm of Denver’s love for good beer and good music.

3. Bierstadt Lagerhaus

Bierstadt Lagerhaus

Bierstadt Lagerhaus is a real treat for those who love genuine German lagers. They stick to the old-school Reinheitsgebot, making their beers super clean and crisp. It’s a standout in Denver’s beer world.

You’ll find them in the Rackhouse Pub over in RiNo, and it’s got this cool, rustic feel. My wife and I really enjoyed their Slow Pour Pils and Dunkel.

They pair up nicely with the food there. Bierstadt Lagerhaus is all about lagers, pouring them the way they’ve been done for ages. Tasting their brews is like a mini-trip to Germany, right in the heart of Denver’s lively beer scene.

2. TRVE Brewing Company

Stepping into TRVE’s taproom, known as the “acid temple,” is like entering a realm where metal’s raw power and fine beer come together.

It’s a dark, cozy spot that’s alive with the vibe of metal.

For me, it was interesting, but for my wife, not so much. So, we quickly started looking for another place.

1. Our Mutual Friend Brewery

Our Mutual Friend Brewery

Our Mutual Friend Brewery wraps up our Denver brewery journey.

What I like the most about them is that they are all about Colorado-grown ingredients, which shines through in their diverse beer lineup.

A simple definition for this spot – A classic brewery, relaxing taproom, all that is needed.

And For the End

Here we are at the end of our journey. I focused on sharing as much as I could about my experience while visiting all these breweries, but also to include more details about the flavors.

The conclusion is simple – There’s a beer for everyone. Even my wife!

So, cheers until the next story about great places in Denver and around it.

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