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What’s New in Denver? 10 Trending Spots of 2024 You Need to Visit

As one of the world’s finest cities, Denver has left me with unforgettable experiences.

In this piece, I’m excited to share my recommendations for what to do in Denver, Colorado, for an engaging experience.

I’ve stumbled upon some gems that are a bit off the usual path, like this incredible beer spa, and I’ve spent countless days soaking in the beauty of Red Rocks Park.

Trust me, no matter what your vibe is, you’ll find something in Denver that speaks to you.Trending Spots in Denver infographic

Whether you’re one of us or just in town for a visit, I bet you’ll find more than a few things on this list to add to your Denver trip.

1. Amazing Oakwell Beer Spa


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What a treasure of a find! My wife and I absolutely loved it. The customer service was top-notch, really making us feel welcomed and taken care of.

Our visit was packed with goodies: the spa experience was soothing, soaking in that “almost” beer bath was unique, followed by a super relaxing shower.

Plus, we tried out the anti-gravity massage – totally amazing.

This place has it all: a cozy taproom where they pour some of the best local craft beers (and other drinks), a Beer Bath Hydrotherapy room that’s all about private, soothing soaks, and a Relaxation Lounge outfitted with massage chairs that you have to feel to believe.

Definitely a fantastic time!

2. Visit Pikes Peak!

The views completely blew us away, and we couldn’t stop taking photos. Sure, it’s cold. Sure, you might feel a bit lightheaded.

And yes, it’s an hour’s drive from Denver.

But trust me, it’s absolutely worth every minute.

You get panoramic views of everything, and the visitor center is just incredible!

They’ve got a gift shop, this massive glass window with breathtaking views, and an exhibit that dives into the history and geology of America’s Mountain.

I can’t recommend it enough.

3. Graffiti Art Tour

Experiencing Denver through the Graffiti Art Tour in the River North Art District (RiNo) is an adventure like no other.

On this 2-hour walking tour, you get to see Denver’s top street art, learning about the stories behind the artworks and the neighborhoods they’re located in.

The tour also provides insights into the local historical, political, and social contexts.

Wrapping up the tour, you can go to the legendary Denver Central Market, a perfect culmination to a day soaked in culture.

4. Driving Through Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Every summer, my wife and I drive the Mt. Evans Scenic Byway (Highway 5) at least once. Starting from downtown Denver, we head to Idaho Springs via I-70, exit 240, which is roughly 32.5 miles away. From there, it’s onto Highway 103, leading to the 13-mile stretch alongside Chicago Creek, passing Chicago Forks and the picturesque Echo Lake at 10,600 feet. We always stop at the Denver Botanic Gardens Mount Goliath Dos Chappell Nature Center, about 3 miles further, sitting at roughly 11,500 feet. It’s a must-see for its hikes among wildflowers and ancient bristlecone pines.

As we continue up Highway 5, the landscape opens up with views in every direction, roadsides adorned with wildflowers, and wildlife sightings, including marmots, pikas, bighorns, mountain goats, and various birds. The road has sharp dropoffs, so it’s not for the faint-hearted due to acrophobia/agoraphobia concerns.

Reaching Summit Lake at 13,000 feet, about six miles in, is breathtaking. The area is usually crowded, but it offers unmatched views of the lake with Mt. Evans in the backdrop, surrounded by alpine wildflowers through late summer and occasional wildlife near the lake.

The final stretch of 5+ miles to the summit parking at 14,130 feet is filled with switchbacks, pull-offs, and frequent wildlife sightings. From the summit, the panorama extends from Longs Peak to Pikes Peak, the Collegiate Peaks, and back east to Denver and the Great Plains. A short hike leads to the peak at 14,250 feet.

This trip, covering at least 120 miles round trip from Denver, requires planning. It’s essential to bring water, sunscreen, snacks, and layers of clothing for a venture that can last half to a full day.

5. Winning Experience at Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum

I snagged tickets for a tour of the Broncos stadium to surprise my wife, a die-hard Broncos fan, and she was over the moon about it! I’ve got to say, I had a great time too.

With a group size of 20 or less, it felt incredibly personal and allowed us to see so much more.

Taking the tour just a couple of days before watching a game added an extra layer of excitement, roaming around the stadium without the usual game-day crowds.

6. National Wine Day Celebration at Infinite Monkey

Infinite Monkey Denver

Celebrating National Wine Day couldn’t have been better than at Infinite Monkey, complete with their pop-up market featuring local vendors and artists!

The bartenders provided such friendly service. You order directly at the bar, and they’re happy to keep your tab open.

Their setup includes a spacious warehouse area filled with tables for vendors, allowing you to roam with a glass—or even a bottle—of their wine while you browse.

Mixing shopping with wine? Talk about a dangerously delightful combination!

7. Red Rocks Park And Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Park And Amphitheatre

There’s not much I can add about Red Rocks that hasn’t been said before. It’s undoubtedly one of the finest outdoor music venues globally, and for good reason.

Everything from the sight lines and sound quality to the restrooms and concessions is first-rate.

And that’s without even mentioning the stunning scenery enveloping you.

Before leaving Colorado, make sure to check their schedule and catch a show here. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

8. A Day at Denver Botanic Gardens

Visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens, located near Capitol Hill in Denver, is a delightful experience. The entry fee is $15, but it’s free for members and those affiliated with its botanic garden partners.

The gardens are beautifully laid out, featuring mainly paved paths with helpful signs and maps guiding visitors to various attractions like the tropical plant greenhouse, a cactus house, and a geodesic dome that houses a science exploration lab.

Even in late October, the gardens were alive with blooms—roses, chrysanthemums, pansies, and dahlias. Interestingly, they began removing the Halloween decorations a few days before the holiday.

For lunch, there are two restaurants on-site. We chose The Hive Garden Bistro, which offers outdoor seating and enjoyed a fantastic vegetable sandwich, elevated by opting for sweet potato fries for an extra $2.

9. Enjoying the Beauty of the Rocky Mountain National Park

Our visit to the park was fantastic. If you can, definitely drive the Old Fall River Road. It’s a one-way gravel road accessible by most vehicles and offers stunning views of waterfalls and other scenic vistas. Along the way, we spotted several elk and mule deer.

The journey to the park’s west side was equally captivating, leading us into the Colorado River basin. Here, we were lucky enough to see beavers and even some moose.

Don’t miss the Sheep Lakes area; it’s where we saw a large group of sheep. It’s experiences like these that really highlight the park’s natural beauty.

10. Union Station Denver Gem

Union Station Denver

Union Station is a classic railway hub that still accommodates Amtrak services and a train connecting to Denver Airport. It houses a variety of restaurants, bars, and shops within a beautifully preserved and secure setting.

The Christmas decorations are particularly impressive, both inside and out.

Getting there is quite easy from anywhere in downtown Denver, thanks to a free bus that runs along 16th St. from the Civic Center to Union Station.

It’s just a short walk from the bus stop to the station.

If possible, visit both during the day and at night.

However, if you can only choose one time, I recommend going after dark to enjoy the Christmas lights and the laser light show projected onto the building’s facade.

For the End

Here we are at the end of our journey. I focused on sharing as much as I could about my experience while visiting all these places, but also to include more details about some specific stuff.

The conclusion is simple – There’s a place for everyone. Even my wife!

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