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Incredible Aquariums & Zoos In Colorado We Visited in 2024

My husband Richard and I went on a series of excursions across Colorado to take a look at the notable animal and wildlife attractions in the area! Here are our favorites:

8. Denver Zoo

Visiting the Denver Zoo with Ricky was a pleasant experience, as I expected!

The Denver Zoo is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. General admission to the zoo from mid-March through October is $25.20 for adults, $22.05 for seniors $18.90 for children 3 to 15, and free for children two and younger.

Many visitors to Denver Zoo spend an average of 1-3 hours at the zoo, but how long you stay is really up to you! Ricky and I spend 3 amazing hours there.

Let’s start with the positives. The zoo is sprawling and well-maintained, offering a plethora of exhibits that house over 4,000 animals from 700+ species. It’s easy to spend an entire day there without a single dull moment. The Toyota Elephant Passage and Predator Ridge stood out to me, showcasing the zoo’s commitment to providing spacious and naturalistic habitats for its residents.

The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, eager to share interesting facts about the animals and conservation efforts. And for families, the zoo is a treasure trove of educational opportunities, with plenty of interactive exhibits to keep the little ones engaged.

Accessibility within the zoo is generally good, but if you’re visiting with a stroller or wheelchair, be prepared for a workout navigating the hills and expansive grounds. Also, while the food options are diverse, they’re typical of what you’d find at most attractions: convenient but not necessarily wallet-friendly or the healthiest.

Is Denver Zoo worth going to?

The parking there is usually full, but if you’re visiting Denver i suggest you go here because it is a huge zoo and there’s lots to do and see. I’ve had many fun experiences here And it’s a great place for kids so they can see the animals. but overall it’s a great experience for anyone just beware of the prices .

Would I go back?

Absolutely, the only problem is it is not to allow any bag, parcel, or other item to be brought into Denver Zoo. Despite that, visitors can bring their own food and drink in their own food and drink

7. The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Category Age Range Cost
Adults ages 13 to 69 $50 per adult
Seniors ages 70+ $20 per senior
Children ages 3 to 12 $30 per child
Children 0-2 No entry fee


The Wild Animal Sanctuary Denver Three Bears Sitting Next To A Log
Source: Google Maps – Taken By The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Our visit to The Wild Animal Sanctuary was an eye-opening experience, to say the least.

Venturing out with my husband, we were both moved by the stories of resilience and recovery surrounding each animal we encountered. The sanctuary offers an expansive space where rescued animals roam freely, visible from an elevated walkway that ensures minimal disturbance to their natural behaviors.

The Good: Witnessing animals in environments designed to mirror their natural habitats, rather than confined spaces, was incredibly fulfilling. Learning about the sanctuary’s extensive rescue efforts added a layer of depth to our visit, making it not just a day out but an educational journey.

The Not-so-Good: The entry fee, though a bit steep at $50 for adults, is understandable given the sanctuary’s noble mission. However, it’s something to keep in mind if planning a visit on a tight budget. Additionally, the sanctuary’s vast size means a lot of walking, which might be challenging for some visitors.

6. Downtown Aquarium


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Walking into the Downtown Aquarium in Denver with the hubby was like plunging into an entirely different world!

This place is more than just looking at fish; it’s like a mini ocean adventure right in the heart of the city. My Husband’s Impressions:

  • Entry Fees: Ain’t too bad considering what you get. Adults are dropping about $20.99, seniors get a slight break at $19.99, and the kiddos (ages 3-11) are $14.99. Little squirts under 2 get in for the unbeatable price of free.
  • What’s Cool: Over a million gallons of exhibits with more than 500 species of critters! Plus, there’s this Stingray Reef where you can actually touch and feed the stingrays, which is pretty wild. And don’t even get me started on the 4D theater and the themed dining experience – eating next to a giant tank full of fascinating sea life is definitely something to text home about.
  • Any Downsides?: Well, it’s a popular spot, so it can get a bit crowded. And if you’re an impulse buyer, maybe watch out for the gift shop; it’s easy to walk away with more than you intended.
  • Pro Tip: They offer a 10% military discount, which is always nice for those who qualify. Plus, there’s free parking after 6 pm with a restaurant receipt, so maybe plan for a later visit and grab dinner there?​​.

Overall, the experience was a blast – kind of a “sea” a cool day out! The Downtown Aquarium’s got a bit of something for everyone. Just make sure to wear comfy shoes because there’s a lot to explore.

4. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

A Full View Of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Source: Google Maps – Taken By Jody Hope

Tucked away in Colorado Springs, this place isn’t just any zoo; it’s America’s only mountain zoo, perched high up at over 6,700 feet. Imagine that – animals with a view!

The zoo’s layout is something else, designed to get you up close with the animals without feeling too intrusive. We got to hand-feed the giraffes, which was definitely the highlight. Those long necks coming down gracefully to nibble lettuce from our hands were a moment I won’t forget. And the views? Breathtaking. You’re not just looking at animals; you’re overlooking the city below, which adds a whole new layer to the experience.

Now, for the nitty-gritty. Tickets aren’t too steep, considering the unique experience. Adults are looking at $29, kiddos (3-11) at $24, and seniors get a slight discount at $27. They even have military discounts like the previous Zoo that I mentioned, which is a nice touch. Remember, though, prices can change, so it’s always good to check before you go.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll want to wear comfy shoes because there’s a lot of ground to cover. And since it’s all outdoors, weather can play a part in your visit. We lucked out with a perfect day, but they’re open come rain or shine. Also, keep an eye on their special events. We missed out on ‘Dog Days at the Zoo,’ but it sounds like a hoot if you want to bring your furry friend along.

Overall, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offered us more than just a chance to see animals; it gave us a day filled with laughter, learning, and some pretty spectacular selfies. Would recommend it to anyone looking to add a little wild to their Colorado Springs visit.

3. Pueblo Zoo

A Lioness Staring Into The Distance And Laying In The Sun In Pueblo Zoo
Source: Google Maps – Taken By Pueblo Zoo

Age Group Price
0 – 2 Free
3 – 17 $10.00
18 – 64 $14.00
65+ $11.00
Military Adult $11.00

Visiting the Pueblo Zoo was a quaint and intimate experience, perfect for a low-key day out with my husband. Nestled in Pueblo, Colorado, this zoo offers a cozy yet diverse collection of animals that are well cared for. The entry fees are reasonable: $14.25 for adults, and $10.25 for kids, and there are discounts for seniors and military families.

They even have a Museums for All rate, making it accessible for just $3 to those with an EBT card. Plus, every ticket contributes to conservation efforts. It’s a small but mighty place that brings a lot of joy without breaking the bank!

2. Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

Heading to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center alone was a different but enriching experience. Without my husband to share the immediate reactions, I found myself more immersed, paying closer attention to the details the guide shared about wolf conservation and the roles these animals play in the ecosystem.

The center does a great job of educating visitors on the importance of wildlife preservation. Observing the wolves in a setting that respects their natural habitat was compelling. It was less about the thrill of seeing wild animals and more about understanding them.

How much does it cost?

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.
1) The standard tour is $15 for adults, $8 for children.
It is about an hour tour.
2) A feeding tour is $20 and $10 for 60-75 minutes.

1. Butterfly Pavilion

Butterfly Sitting On A Leaf In The Butterfly Pavilion
Source: Google Maps – Taken By Grayson May

Visiting the Butterfly Pavilion with my husband was both beautiful and educational. We were immersed in tropical settings among free-flying butterflies, learning about their crucial role as pollinators.

The Pavilion’s dedication to invertebrate conservation and education was evident throughout our visit. Admission was affordable, with adult tickets at $15.95, children (2-12) at $10.95, and seniors (65+) at $13.95, making it a valuable experience. Open daily, it’s a must-visit for anyone interested in the beauty and importance of butterflies and other invertebrates!


After visiting several aquariums and zoos in Colorado, I can confidently say that they are worth a visit.

For people who enjoy adventures in wildlife, we can share our personal experiences with you and locations you can visit with your loved ones.

The Denver Zoo and Downtown Aquarium offer diverse exhibits and immersive experiences, while the Wild Animal Sanctuary provides a unique opportunity to see rescued animals in naturalistic habitats.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Pueblo Zoo are also worthwhile destinations, with the former offering stunning views and up-close animal encounters, and the latter providing a cozy yet diverse collection of animals.

Overall, Colorado’s aquariums and zoos provide educational and entertaining experiences for visitors of all ages.

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